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About Red Pen Wench

Red Pen Wench is thrilled to partner with Phi Sigma Pi. Our mission is to empower every job seeker with the tools they need to reach new professional heights.
Through our client-first approach and commitment to excellence in writing and design we have established a sterling reputation nationwide as an industry-leading career services company specializing in resume writing, LinkedIn profile optimization, and interview coaching. We are proud to offer a range of products and services designed to maximize value for job seekers across every experience level, industry, and financial situation, from first-time professionals to C-suite executives.

The Job Seeker's Treasure Chest

Phi Sigma Pi members and alumni receive 25% off The Job Seeker’s Treasure Chest, an instantly downloadable package that has everything you'll need to build powerful career materials, ace your next interview, and land the job you desire. Unlock the discount with code “phisigmapi” at

The Treasure Chest includes the following materials:

  • 3 Different ATS-Friendly Resume & Cover Letter Templates
  • Red Pen Wench’s Resume & Cover Letter Writing Guide
  • 10+ Resume & Cover Letter Examples
  • Red Pen Wench’s LinkedIn Profile Optimization Checklist
  • Red Pen Wench’s Interview Preparation Guide
  • 25 Common Interview Questions

Discount On All Red Pen Wench Services

Phi Sigma Pi members and alumni also receive 10% off all of our resume writing and career services with code "phisigmapi" at This includes the following services:

Additional Free Resources

Be sure to utilize The Red Pen Wench YouTube channel and blog to optimize your career materials and ensure that you’re leaving a lasting impression.