Earn CORE Points

CORE Points are a fun way to recognize Members for contributing valuable and meaningful engagement in the community.

Upon signing in, you will see your point summary, which shows your current engagement point total. Engagement points are awarded based on your activity in CORE.

There are two subsets that are included in your engagement point total:
  • Contribution points are awarded based on content that you create.
  • Reputation points are awarded when your content is recommended or marked as the best answer.
See the list of engagement items below that'll earn you CORE Points.

Profile Completeness

Profile Completeness

Profile Picture = 25 points
Bio/Summary = 20 points
Contact Details (Email, Phone, Address) = 5 points each
Preferred Pronouns = 5 points
HOBY Alumni/Volunteer = 5  points
Job History = 8 points
Education History = 8 points
Professional Associations = 8 points

Add information to your CORE Profile to fill up your profile completion bar!

Point Values


Post New Discussion = 7 points
Reply to a Discussion = 5 points
Reply to Discussion's Author = 5 points
Contact Invitation Sent = 3 points
Contact Invitation Accepted = 2 points
Contacts = 1 point per Contact
Send a Private Message = 5 points
Read a Private Message = 3 points
Like (Recommend) Content = 3 points
Share a Resource to Library = 2
Update Profile Demographics = 5-10 points


Most Active Members of the Month

At the end of each month, we will recognize the top three (3) Members who earned the most CORE engagement points that month. Those Members will be recognized here and will receive a special badge on their profile. Be active in the platform and you can earn your spot, as well as other special CORE ribbons and badges!
July 2020
  • Shelbie Hunt (Gamma Omicron Chapter)
  • Alexandra Butler (Beta Delta Chapter)
  • Amber Hillman (Eta Eta Chapter)
August 2020
  • Madison Wallace (Gamma Beta Chapter)
  • Stephen Cristiano (Epsilon Alpha Chapter)
  • Maggie Legrand (Tau Chapter)
September 2020
  • Mariah Grow (Epsilon Beta Chapter)
  • Lauren Mack (Beta Epsilon Chapter)
  • Michael Covin (Alpha Theta Chapter)
October 2020
  • Sydney Conley (Alpha Chapter)
  • Adesola Orogade (Epsilon Delta Chapter)
  • Kiana Agee (Gamma Zeta Chapter)
November 2020
  • Tate Few (Zeta Xi Chapter)
  • Ami DeCaprio (Alpha Xi Chapter)
  • Bryan White (Alpha Xi Chapter)
December 2020
  • Tate Few (Zeta Xi Chapter)
  • Wayne Chen (Gamma Xi Chapter)
  • Elise Fernstrom (Eastern Kentucky Associate Chapter)