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Tabling Kit
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Set Up a Call With Your Recruitment Expert

The Chapter Services Team is one of your biggest resources. Connect with your Recruitment Expert to set up a time to chat more about your Chapter's Recruitment plan.


Getting Started

The best place to start is to review the Recruitment Advisor Training Manual. This Manual has a step-by-step process for everything you need to know for your role. 

Recruitment Requirements in the National Constitution

The National Constitution (Article IX: Collegiate Chapters, Section 5: Recruitment and Initiation Requirements) states that every Phi Sigma Pi Chapter must hold two Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions and two Recruitment events. Review three Recruitment Schedule options below to get started planning your events.

Planning Checklist:
Schedule dates and times and reserve locations for the meet nights

  • Familiarity- Is the location well-known?
  • Accessibility- Is there easy access for people with disabilities? Is it near campus? Is it within walking distance for students without transportation?
  • Timing- Would you be competing against Monday Night Football? Is it during a busy campus-wide activity? (e.g. homecoming) Is it during other organization meeting nights? Plan to start your events after you have your email list from the school and your involvement fair.
  • Atmosphere- Is the room a comfortable setting? Ensure that the room is the appropriate size to accommodate the anticipated crowd.
The Perfect Pitch

Click the Module above to practice your Phi Sigma Pi elevator pitch for Recruitment! Plus, earn six Leadership in Action points.

Recruitment Schedule Options

Option One
Holding Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions and then Recruitment Events
Running Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions a few days before Recruitment Events spreads events across multiple days, improving the odds of matching many Potential New Members’ availability. Additionally, you can develop an expected attendance at your Recruitment Events based on attendance at your Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions.
Option Two
Alternating Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions and Recruitment Events
Alternating Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions and recruitment events can allow Potential New Members to attend an Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions before a Recruitment Event. This may allow Potential New Members to become more comfortable with the Chapter and process before attending a Recruitment event.
Option Three
Holding Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions and Recruitment Events Simultaneously
Operating Invitational Meetings/Info Sessions at the same time as Recruitment Events shows what Phi Sigma Pi is immediately. This can also help to shorten the recruitment period to comfortably within one week.


In order for marketing to be successful, your Chapter must be strategic about the information you are sharing about Phi Sigma Pi and how you're sharing it, especially when it comes to recruitment. Here are some items to review to ensure a consistent message that reflects the identity and mission of the organization.

  • Check to make sure that the Fraternity name is correct on your tabling materials (tablecloth, banners, etc.).
  • Review the school's website to ensure that the Chapter is listed and that the information reflects the organization.
  • Know your on-campus resources such as hanging up flyers, posting in newsletters and chalking.
  • Update all social media accounts with updated logos and language and delete any unused accounts. Give your social media accounts a makeover before recruitment with this checklist.
  • Keep social media accounts active by posting two to three times a week. Find monthly post ideas to use or for inspiration here.
Need graphic ideas? Use the video and templates below to get started.
Theme 1

Wavy Grid Style Template

Theme 3


SURGE is Phi Sigma Pi's Recruitment Marketing Program to assist Chapters with marketing Recruitment events and collecting contact information for Potential New Members. There are four ways that your Chapter can participate in SURGE. 
  1. Recruitment Email (read tips on gathering your email list)
  2. Update your Phi Sigma Pi Webpage
  3. Recruitment Materials 
  4. *New* Text Message Reminders to Potential New Members who opt-in and RSVP for Recruitment events
Watch the video to learn how your Chapter can utilize SURGE to its fullest potential.

Sign up for SURGE

Tabling Kit

The key marker of well-done tabling is that information flows in two directions. Your Chapters can increase visibility on campus by tabling around Recruitment and throughout the term. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you plan your tabling events. 

Build a Recruitment Committee. These Members may help plan some of the events and help with logistical arrangements for recruitment.

Reserve a high-traveled space. This could be a campus-wide organization fair or a solo event with just the Chapter. Consider the weather in your area if it is outdoors.

Communicate with Chapter Members about what days and times work well. Full Chapter participation is highly encouraged!
Create a visual aid. This can be a trifold poster, several shirts, awards your Chapter won, etc. Also, encourage Members to wear Phi Sigma Pi letters.

Print off miniature flyers with dates and times of upcoming Chapter events for interested students to take. Be sure to include contact information for the Initiate Advisor and/or Recruitment Advisor and your Chapter's Phi Sigma Pi webpage.

Click the buttons below for templates you can use for tabling.

Freebie Stickers
Sheet

Invitational Meeting/Info Session Kit

The purpose of this meeting is to spark an interest in Phi Sigma Pi, answer questions, outline the goals of the organization, meet people, and prove that the organization is for them. Most Chapters have two Invitational Meetings per term (always plan a snow/inclement weather date when the season dictates). Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights, between 6 - 9 p.m., seem to be the most popular with the least amount of conflict between classes, jobs, etc. A typical Invitational Meetings has the following characteristics:

  • All active Members are present. (Mandatory Event)
  • All active Members wear letters/colors.
  • Scrapbooks/awards/banners are displayed.
  • Refreshments are provided. (chips, pretzels, soda, etc.)
  • Members should not consume refreshments during the Invitational Meeting.
  • All active Members and Potential New Members introduce themselves - name, major and why they joined or are interested in joining Phi Sigma Pi.
  • Presentation of national Invitational Meeting PowerPoint or Chapter recruitment video by the President, Recruitment Advisor and Initiate Advisor.
  • Question and answer period.
  • Interested students sign-up and are informed about the next meeting.
  • Allow time for post-meeting socialization.
  • Shake hands with Potential New Members as they leave.

Preparation for the Informational Night:
  • Recruitment committee - one hour before the meeting begins set-up.
  • Membership - half an hour before the meeting begins.
  • ENERGIZE time (do Chapter chants, songs, etc.)
  • Review the information and provide additional updates.
  • Ask for greeters (to welcome prospective members at the door).
  • Members should be standing ready to converse with incoming Potential New Members.

Start on time! This shows that you value the prospective members’ time. Keep in mind that you might be very surprised by the turn-out, especially when the invitational letters were used as a means of advertising

PowerPoint Presentation

Another big part of the Invitational Meeting/Info Session is the PowerPoint Presentation. There are two PowerPoint Presentation templates available for your Chapter to use. One with just the details and another with an activity at the end. The most important two tips include practicing your presentation until you feel comfortable and spotlighting Members in your Chapter whenever you can, such as asking for Committee Chairs to share event examples. 

Watch the video for more tips on how to prepare for the Invitational Meeting/Info Session.

Invitational Meeting Schedule Example

Find a breakdown of each section in the Recruitment Advisor Training Manual under "Invitational Meeting Schedule." Find a list of icebreakers here.


Recruitment Event Kit

Much like with Invitational Meetings, you should prepare a schedule for your Recruitment Events. We often see Recruitment Events that are scheduled for an hour, and you want to be respectful of everyone’s time. Recruitment Events rarely include presentations like at an Invitational Meeting unless you are partnering your Recruitment Event with an Invitational Meeting, but you should still take attendance and welcome PNMs with a short introduction to the planned activity. You also will want to include a closing for the event, to thank everyone for attending and offer information on the next steps.

Get the Chapter Involved

Here are some of the programming-related tasks that will need to be done:
  • If you have Members who are introverted, consider asking them to set up or tear down the space or take attendance.
  • If you have Members that are excellent at speaking in front of a group, they may be able to lead ice breakers, add something during the presentation or introduce an activity.
  • Members who have been identified as potential Bigs could be tasked with initiating conversations with individuals and small groups, since it will be most important for them to get to know the PNMs.
  • For Members attending class during event times, consider asking them to pick-up snacks and drinks or have them share and invite people on social media. This could help Members meet any Recruitment attendance or points requirements for your Chapter.
  • The important thing to remember is that everyone has talents that can be utilized during Recruitment, which can make the Recruitment Advisor’s job easier and more enjoyable.

Text Message ExampleFollow-Up

One really important thing to remember--and a way to get Members involved--is follow-up. It’s important to follow through on your hard work by following up promptly with PNMs after each event. Follow-ups are most meaningful when they are personal, so get Members involved by sending a quick message via email, text, or DM. The personal touch goes a long way to showing PNMs what Fellowship looks like in your Chapter. Remember that follow-ups should be timely. You want to reach out while Phi Sigma Pi and the event they attended are fresh in their mind.

Recruitment Schedule Example

Find a breakdown of each section in the Recruitment Advisor Training Manual under "Recruitment Event Schedule."

Recruitment Schedule