• Semester Due Date Tomorrow!

    Tomorrow is a VERY important due date for Semester Chapters.

    September 19:  (Online). You must have an accurate Member roster by this date. Changes after this date will not alter the amount due to the National Fraternity. Your Chapter will be responsible for the billing posted on September 20 and it will be due by mail on October 1.

    Pay special attention to making sure your spring 2019's graduating seniors are  and have been moved from Student Member roster to the Alumni Member roster so that you are not charged for Members who have already graduated.

    Also, make sure that the Chapter Officers are correct and up to date in the CAP.

    September 20: National Office runs Chapter Membership billing and posts National Dues and Fees bill. The amount due is finite on this day.

    October 1: National Dues and Fees = $78 per person ($72 Dues; $6 Insurance Premium) (Mail), Membership Agreement for Initiates (Online)

    Please review all of the dues and due dates at  and make sure you start the year off right by completing these tasks in your Finance & Operations principle of the !